From 1929 until now

Following a meticulous two-year total renovation of a 1929 mansion in Santiago’s historic downtown, now we can find at the city center a world class hotel: Hotel Magnolia.

The 42-room hotel is the first of its kind in the city’s “El Centro” neighborhood: a seamless fusion of the city’s past and its future, offering historic beauty together with luxe accommodations, a gourmet restaurant, and a pitch-perfect location at the foot of the Cerro Santa Lucia hilltop park.

Award-winning architect Cazú Zegers and interior decorator Carolina Delpiano rescued intricate details of the heritage building, creating an amalgam of the old and new, with marble staircases, antique armoires and stained-glass windows contrasted against ultramodern light fixtures, steel-and-wire walkways, and geometric furnishings.

In a nod to the timelessly elegant aesthetics of downtown Santiago’s early 20th-century architecture, Zegers and Delpiano favored noble materials such as bronze for the main reception desk and the hotel bar, and replicated the building’s original harlequin tiled floors with marble. Plentiful common areas include a library and long oak table for travelers to work and socialize.

Hotel Magnolia was originally built as a family home for Doña Ana Zegers García Huidobro, the daughter of the Chilean politician Julio Zegers Samaniego, by the then-famous architect Eduardo Costabal Zegers. The home became a cradle of intellectual and political debates in the early and mid 20th century, until it was sold and divided into apartments, and later office units. In a coincidental turn, architect Zegers was offered the project without having first realized the distant family connections of the original owners. “It was a very special experience working on a project whose original design was created by one of my ancestors,” says Zegers.

Isotipo Hotel Magnolia